Our Story

Sometimes, a single conversation sets us on a different path.

I’ve spent over 25 years working in the Canadian investment industry. In that time, I built and sold two startups and as CEO helped turn around an investment firm with 3500 advisors. 

In early 2008, I was looking for my next challenge. Over lunch with a group of advisors from firms with teams of economists producing monthly reports, I heard one say:

“My head office says I should email the reports from our economics group, but I doubt that many clients actually read them. The firm would be far better off to send a short video.”

Everyone around the table nodded in agreement. That single conversation made a light go on and got me thinking. Over the next year I immersed myself in the online space, attending conferences and talking to advisors and investors about the role of video in their lives.

The conclusion was crystal clear: Just as television commercials permanently changed how companies communicated with customers, so video will transform how people get information. Shorter attention spans and the impact of adding sight and sound mean that fewer people will read and more look to videos to help make decisions. In fact, Cisco forecasts that by 2014 over half of internet traffic will consist of videos.  

That’s why I launched ClientInsights in late 2009. Our goal is to provide financial advisors with short videos that feature leading experts on the topics you and your clients want to hear about. These interviews can be emailed directly to your clients or used to initiate a client meeting.

No matter how you use it, ClientInsights is designed to help you take client communication to a higher level.”




Dan Richards