About Dan Richards

Picture of Dan Richards
Dan Richards, 2009

For over 25 years, Dan Richards has been recognized for his leading-edge insights on attracting and retaining clients.

He’s author of the award-winning best seller Getting Clients Keeping Clients: Essential strategies for tomorrow’s financial advisor – cited by a leading US industry association as the best resource on client communication. 

He’s also a regular contributor to leading advisor publications and has delivered top-rated talks in the United States, Europe, Australia and Southeast Asia. You can also read his regular columns in Globe and Mail Report on Business and see him interviewed on Business News Network.

In 2002, in the aftermath of the tech meltdown, he took on the role of CEO of Cartier Partners, a firm with 3500 advisors, and led its successful turnaround and sale. And in 2004 Dan fulfilled a life-long goal and completed a trek up Mount Kilimanjaro. Inspired by a visit to Amani Childrens’ Home at the foot of Kilimanjaro during that trek, for the past five years Dan has been the driving force behind a Toronto event that has become Amani’s single biggest fundraiser.

Dan holds an MBA from the Harvard Business School and since 1992 has been an award-winning instructor in the MBA program at the University of Toronto.

In 2009, Dan founded ClientInsights, a leader in providing financial advisors with video based content for their own use and for use with clients. ClientInsights has been widely adopted and has become the market-leader in delivering online video to the Canadian financial services industry.