About Us

In today's online world, Canadians are constantly bombarded with information; their attention is being spread thin, and they are increasingly pressed for time. As a result, it has become more challenging than ever before to center investors on information that is relevant and critical to them and their investment decisions. The integration of the internet in daily life, as well as the development of sites such as YouTube and Google Video has created an expectation of video communications, and ClientInsights provides the financial services industry with the resources to communicate through this medium.

Rather than spend time reading lengthy reports on the funds in which they are invested, investors prefer to hear from the portfolio managers directly.  Instead of reading an article on tax saving or estate planning strategies, increasingly Canadians would rather watch an expert discuss the topic.

On this website you will find over 1000 short video interviews (4-6 minutes in length) with portfolio managers, Nobel Prize winners, fund company executives, and other financial experts. These interviews can be emailed directly to your clients or used to initiate a client meeting, but no matter how you use it, ClientInsights is designed to help you take client communication to a higher level.

Since ClientInsights’ launch in October of 2009, there has been an excellent response from investment advisors, fund companies, and financial institutions, and in this short span of time we have become the market leader in delivering on-line video to the Canadian financial services industry.